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VIP Programme

You’re already playing a vital role in educating and vaccinating the 59% of travellers who go abroad unprotected.

Can we help you to do more?


Have you registered your clinic on Beware of the Bugs?

Our customer-focused website makes it easy for travellers to find your travel health clinic, and if you’re signed up to an e-tool, to start their consultation.

Our supporting social media campaign directing travellers to the website has delivered 101m impressions to date.


Are you up-to-date with your training?

Neva, our RPS accredited and CPD certified online training enables you to keep up-to-date with the latest travel health information, at your own pace.

You can also access education days, run by our Travel Health Specialist Nurse.

There's more...


Download disease awareness posters, point-of-sale materials and clinic support items to help promote your travel health clinic.


Access advice and support from our Pharmacy Service Development Manager and Travel Health Nurse Specialist.

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